Coupling Alignment

Coupling Alignment


Module Overview

This module explains the importance and function of coupling alignments. Tools and equipment used in alignment procedures are described, together with various alignment conditions. Preliminary checks and alignment techniques are presented step by step.


Course Overview

The Surface Facilities Primer introduces the equipment typically used to process fluids produced from oil wells, describing the identification, internal configuration, principles of operation, and contribution to the overall system of each of the major pieces of oilfield surface equipment. Emulsion breaking and the separation of oil, gas, and water are discussed. The course also covers the handling, storage, and transportation of hydrocarbons produced from the well. Two subjects in particular are afforded specific attention in this course: One module covers the function and operation of reciprocating compressors. Another provides detailed procedures for coupling alignment. The Surface Facilities Primer course comprises four computer-based training modules, each one representing over an hour and a half of instruction and exercises.


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