Electrical Circuits And Supplies

Electrical Circuits And Supplies


This is the second lesson in the Electrical Safety Course. This lesson explains the relationship between voltage, current and resistance. It also demonstrates the correct method for selecting, inspecting, and handling extension cords and portable electric hand tools, and the purpose of ground fault interrupters is explained.

Module Objectives

  • Describe how voltage, current, and resistance are related.
  • Identify safety considerations when using an extension cord.
  • Select the correct extension cord by rating.
  • Demonstrate the correct method of inspecting and handling extension cords.
  • Identify the proper procedure for inspecting portable electric hand tools.
  • Define the purpose of a Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI).


This course consists of eight lessons. The lessons in this course were designed to provide training for electricians, mechanics, and others working with or around electricity. The lessons in this course provide an understanding of electricity focused on increased awareness and prevention of industrial accidents.


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