Electrical Shock

Electrical Shock


This is the third lesson in the Electrical Safety Course. This lesson describes the effects electrical current has on the human body. Proper methods of removing a victim from an energized circuit are discussed. Who is “qualified” to perform a particular task and alerting techniques are introduced.

Module Objectives

  • Describe how accidental electric shock can occur.
  • Describe the affects various amounts of current have on the human body.
  • Identify the factors that influence body resistance to electric shock.
  • Describe how various current paths through the body affect the severity of electric shock.
  • Identify alerting techniques warning of electrical hazards.
  • Describe the need to lock and tag a de-energized circuit before working on the circuit.
  • Describe who is “Qualified” according to OSHA.


This course consists of eight lessons. The lessons in this course were designed to provide training for electricians, mechanics, and others working with or around electricity. The lessons in this course provide an understanding of electricity focused on increased awareness and prevention of industrial accidents.


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