Gate Valve Repair

Gate Valve Repair


This lesson is designed for participants familiar with the operation of gate valves and the proper use of hand tools and precision measuring instruments.

Module Objectives

  • Identify the parts of a gate valve and describe their functions.
  • Inspect a valve and make adjustments to stop leakage.
  • Position rising stem and non-rising stem valves to the half-open position.
  • Remove and disassemble the bonnet assembly of a gate valve.
  • Use a telescoping gauge to determine if a stuffing box is round.
  • Perform a runout to determine if a stem is bent.
  • Use an outside micrometer to determine if the stem has excessive wear.
  • Lap a disc and perform a contact check of disc mating surfaces.
  • Reassemble the bonnet assembly of a gate valve.
  • Perform a contact check to determine if there is a proper seal between the seat and disc of a gate valve.


This course consists of two Lessons, Gate Valve Repair and Globe Valve Repair. Topics include identifying valve parts and functions, valve inspection, valve assembly and disassembly, and valve positions.


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