*HSE: Personal Protective Equipment Course (Complete Course)

*HSE: Personal Protective Equipment Course (Complete Course)


The types of equipment covered in this course include head protection, face and eye protection, hearing protection, and foot protection. Also included are hand, respiratory, and fall protection, as well as other personal protective equipment that is less common in the oil and gas production workplace.


Course Objectives

  • General personal protection equipment (PPE)
  • Head protection
  • Face and eye protection
  • Hearing protection
  • Foot and hand protection
  • Respiratory protection
  • Fall protection
  • Other PPE

Included Modules

  1. Personal Protective Equipment: Overview: Personal Protective Equipment PPE is ubiquitous on an oil or gas rig. To familiarize workers with how and when PPE should be used this module addresses employee and job-planning orientation concerning PPE. The policies, preferences, and how to ask for guidance in the use of PPE are also included in this module.
  2. Personal Protective Equipment: Head Protection: Head protection in a rig environment is vital. Hard hats can save lives thus the different types, the proper inspection process, and care-taking procedures should be second nature to anyone who is planning on working on a rig.
  3. Personal Protective Equipment: Face and Eye Protection: Dust, splashes, flying objects, and radiation are all hazards encountered on a rig and are most devastating when they come into contact with one%u2019s face. To prevent these kinds of accidents, it is important for workers to understand the different types of face and eye protection, limitations of PPE, and the proper care and use of their face and eye protection.
  4. Personal Protective Equipment: Hearing Protection: Noise, often at excessive levels, is a constant presence in industrial jobs. In order to prevent hearing loss, workers in industrial settings need to be well-versed in the types of hearing protection and the limitations of each type. How to inspect, use, and properly combine different types of hearing protection in order to best protect and preserve auditory function are all crucial skills taught in this module.
  5. Personal Protective Equipment: Foot Protection: Many factors pose a threat to a workers feet, making their protection a significant concern. As with most PPE, the key to effective use of foot protection lies in knowledge of the types of foot protection available, inspection of footwear, and its proper care and use.
  6. Personal Protective Equipment: Hand Protection: Virtually all industrial jobs involve the use of ones hands, therefore protecting ones hands should be a paramount concern for every worker. To effectively protect the hands, a worker should understand the types of hand protection, how to inspect it for excessive wear or weaknesses, and how to use and care for their PPE appropriately.
  7. Personal Protective Equipment: Respiratory Protection: In industrial settings, toxic substances frequently exist as particles in the air. Keeping these dangerous chemicals out of ones body requires respiratory protection, and every worker should be aware of the different types of respirators and canisters available to them. The inspection and proper care of this equipment in order to maintain the working order of the PPE is also detailed in this module.
  8. Personal Protective Equipment: Fall Protection: The Fall Protection module will introduce types of personal protective equipment PPE used for fall protection, proper equipment inspection, and also the use and care of the equipment. By the end of the module students will understand how to mitigate dangers with fall protection while working at heights.
  9. Personal Protective Equipment: Other PPE: The other PPE module will focus on specialty protective clothing and its proper care and use. By the end of this module, students will understand distinctions between several types of specialty PPE including full-body suits, fire-retardant clothing, and chemical protective clothing.


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