*HSE: Personal Safety Responsibilities On The Rig (Complete Course)

*HSE: Personal Safety Responsibilities On The Rig (Complete Course)


In this course we discuss personal fire safety responsibilities and procedures when in the oil and gas production workplace. We also cover crane safety, manual material handling, and water safety and regulations.


Course Objectives

  • Fire safety and procedures
  • Personal fire safety responsibilities
  • Crane safety and regulations
  • Manual material handling
  • Water safety

Included Modules

  1. Fire Safety: Overview: The Fire Safety module will provide an overview of fire protection, prevention, and detection. The unit will detail the fire triangle, proper storage of flammable and combustible materials, as well as ignition sources. Students will become familiar with different classes of fires as well as proper extinguishing methods and types of extinguishers.
  2. Fire Safety: Employee Responsibilities: The Employee Responsibility module will familiarize students with correct procedures for reporting fires and fire hazards, onsite fire protection requirements, as well as location-specific escape routes. Students will also be made aware of the restrictions against tampering with fire extinguishers, will review the best practices for using fire extinguishers, and will learn how to safely participate in a fire drill. The module will also detail the emergency evacuation plan posted on a rigs station bill muster list.
  3. Materials Handling: Mechanical Equipment: The Mechanical Equipment module will detail how an employee should conduct themselves safely while working near cranes, cherry-pickers, and forklifts. Students will understand the importance of never walking under a suspended load as well as never positioning themselves under an immovable object. The module will also cover proper communication between those on the deck and the operator as well as keeping a vernal awareness of the best escape route in case of a dangerous circumstance.
  4. Materials Handling: Manual Material Handling: The Manual Materials handling module will cover proper lifting techniques to ensure back protection as well as the reasons for common injuries when lifting. At the end of this module, students will be familiar with appropriate lifting procedures and adequate alternatives to manual lifting.
  5. Water Safety: Water Safety: The Water Safety module will help students become familiar with personal flotation devices, survival crafts, and standby rescue vessels.


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