*HSE: Platform Arrival Procedures And Environment Regulations (Complete Course)

*HSE: Platform Arrival Procedures And Environment Regulations (Complete Course)


Here, we discuss the policies and procedures for entering the rig environment and environmental regulations concerning waste management, reporting waste, and marine debris policies while in the oil and gas production workplace


Course Objectives

  • Entering the rig environment
  • Environmental regulations
  • Waste management
  • Response and reporting waste
  • Marine debris policies

Included Modules

  1. Rig Platform Environment: Platform or Location Arrival: This module will detail proper procedures for checking into the Shorebase at Arrival. Students will become familiar with standby procedures, safe practices for carrying-on and checking baggage, and also the parameters of site-specific orientation.
  2. Wellsite Environmental Protection: Overview: The Environmental Compliance Overview module serves as a general rubric for measuring compliance with environmental protection regulations. By the end of the module, students will better understand how to evaluate compliance with regulations and will be familiarized with many of the regulations themselves.
  3. Wellsite Environmental Protection: Waste Management: The Waste Management module will cover how to properly store and minimize waste. To ensure that the wellsite environment is protected, employees on an instillation much be aware of their responsibilities to correctly handle waste created on the rig.
  4. Wellsite Environmental Protection: Spill Reporting: In this unit students will learn the proper methods for responding to and reporting on events or situations that could compromise the wellsite environment. While no one plans for there to be a wellsite accident such as a leak or spill, it is nonetheless important to understand the procedures for handling these types of situations if they occur. Each rig has specific policies in place for responding to disasters, and this module is not meant to replace these. Rather, it serves to emphasize the importance of general attentiveness when on the jobsite and to introduce response procedures common to all wellsites.
  5. Marine Debris: Marine Debris: In the Marine Debris module students will become familiar with both the identification and correct procedures for reporting debris offshore. Despite both domestic and international efforts for minimization, marine debris has increased in the form of common domestic materials to discarded fishing gear and even abandoned industrial equipment. This unit will allow students to become familiar with regulatory policy and also help establish general awareness for a problem requiring adequate attention for any offshore instillation.


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