Introduction To General Mathematical Calculations 2

Introduction To General Mathematical Calculations 2


Module Overview

Volume 2 of Basic Oilfield Calculations covers topics such as fluid measurements, calculating density and specific gravity of a liquid or solid, differentiating between specific gravity and API gravity, the effects of downhole static pressure on wireline operations, using tables during acidizing treatments, and calculating the lifting costs, economic limit, and payout.


Course Overview

Basic Oilfield Mathematics covers general mathematical calculations that are likely to be encountered in the oilfield. The course takes a practical approach, featuring numerous examples for tubular weights and volumes, tank capacities, API gravity, downhole static pressure, and unit conversion from one unit to another. It covers basic physics concepts such as density and specific gravity. The effect of well deviation on measurement and pressure calculations is explained. Principles of pressure and force are illustrated with examples. A few more advanced topics include fluid measurement and orifice metering calculations, and a few exercises in oilfield economics. This course comprises two computer-based training modules, each representing over an hour and a half of instruction and exercises.


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