Introduction To Horizontal Drilling

Introduction To Horizontal Drilling


Module Overview

The first horizontal drilling module covers basic history, technologies, and reasons for drilling horizontal wells. Also covered in this module are topics relating to production rate, economics of horizontal drilling, types of horizontal wells, completion options, equipment, and the steps leading up to production.


Course Overview

Horizontal Drilling introduces the basic concepts and principles of horizontal well drilling. The course provides complete and clear explanations of why horizontal wells are drilled—from their use in connecting vertical fracture systems for increasing productivity to the control of water and gas coning in problem fields. The three basic types of horizontal wells (short, medium, and long radius) are depicted utilizing detailed graphics. These preliminary topics are followed by a unit devoted to the mechanics of drilling and completing a horizontal well. Angle-build and angle-hold assemblies for the different types of horizontal wells are presented, as well as animated depictions of steerable assemblies, conventional directional drilling, and short-radius drilling equipment. Informative discussions cover MWDs, top drives, and mud motors in horizontal well drilling operations.


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