Introduction To Hydraulic Systems

Introduction To Hydraulic Systems


This is the first lesson in the Industrial Hydraulic Power Course. This lesson identifies the basic components of an industrial hydraulic system and explains their functions. Formulas, including Pascal’s Law, are presented and their use in determining values in a hydraulic system is explained.

Module Objectives

  • Visually identify the basic components of an industrial hydraulic system.
  • Describe the function of the basic components of an industrial hydraulic system.
  • Understand Pascal’s Law.
  • Describe the transmission of power.
  • Describe conditions necessary for normal operation of a pressure relief valve.
  • Describe the conversion of power through the hydraulic system.
  • Calculate electrical horsepower and piston speed, given the appropriate variables.


This course consists of thirteen lessons. These lessons were designed for beginning hydraulic technicians as well as mechanics, electricians, operators, and for those individuals who need to learn more about industrial hydraulic power. The lessons in this course train participants to identify system components, read schematics, and understand the conditions necessary for proper operation of a hydraulic system.


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