Introduction To Industrial Lubrication

Introduction To Industrial Lubrication


This is the first lesson in the Industrial Lubrication Course. This lesson explains the concept of lubrication and friction, and demonstrates the benefits of a proper lubrication program.

Module Objectives

  • Define lubrication and explain the benefits of a proper lubrication program.
  • Define friction and identify factors that contribute to friction.
  • Identify the three basic types of friction.
  • Describe three types of lubrication applications used to reduce friction.


This course is designed for training oilers, mechanics, and millwrights as well as for the multicraft needs of process and manufacturing facilities. Participants are trained to recognize various types of lubrication systems and their maintenance requirements, including ring, bath, splash, constant level, and forced feed lubrication systems, as well as understand how they operate. Participants also learn the importance of following lubrication schedules, how to change common types of oil filters, and how to properly handle and store lubricants to prevent lubricant contamination.


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