Mechanical Seal Designs

Mechanical Seal Designs


This is the second lesson in the Mechanical Seals Course. It describes various seal designs and their application. The lesson also describes conditions that may affect mechanical seal performance.

Module Objectives

  • Describe a single seal and list its uses.
  • Describe a double seal and list its uses.
  • Describe a tandem seal and list its uses.
  • Describe a cartridge seal and list its uses.
  • Define an inside seal and explain its use.
  • Define an outside seal and explain its use.
  • Explain how process fluid affects mechanical seals.
  • Explain how temperature affects mechanical seals.


The Mechanical Seals course consists of four lessons designed for persons with a basic understanding of the operation and maintenance of pumps, agitators, and rotating equipment. The lessons in this course train participants to work effectively with mechanical seals. The functions, operation, and repair of common mechanical seals are demonstrated. The course presents specific procedures for failure analysis and identification, seal removal, disassembly, reassembly, and installation


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