Reservoir Volumetrics

Reservoir Volumetrics


Module Overview

Module 1, Reservoir Engineering Primer, covers variables in volumetric equations, calculating original oil in place and calculating original gas in place.


Course Overview

This Reservoir Engineering Primer is divided into two computer-based training modules. The first part of the course aims to provide a general understanding of oil and gas reservoirs. The course explains the geologic processes of reservoir formation, then examines the origins of oil and gas. The characteristics of a reservoir and their contributions to reservoir quality described in detail. The second module presents practical reservoir engineering techniques for calculating the original oil-in-place and gas-in-place in a reservoir. The student learns methods of determining each of the parameters used in the reservoir volumetric equation area, net pay, porosity, and water saturation. Isopach mapping and contouring are also demonstrated. The reservoir is so fundamental to the petroleum business that the information included in this course is immediately relevant to everyone associated with the industry.


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