Sucker Rod Pumping Volume 1

Sucker Rod Pumping Volume 1


Module Overview

Volume 1 introduces pumping unit and sucker-rod pumping systems. It describes the functional surface components of a sucker-rod pumping system, and their various geometries and configurations.


Course Overview

Artificial Lift introduces the techniques and technologies involved in artificial lift, with specific attention to sucker rod pumping, gas lift, and electric submergible pumps. The course provides a useful knowledge foundation to professionals in every sector of the industry, and of immediate value to field personnel. Each functional component of the sucker-rod pumping system is presented, and the major geometries of pumping units are defined with respect to their specific application and utilization. The operation of three different gas lift configurations is described. Detailed graphics illustrate the basic components and operation of electric submergible pumps. The relative advantages and disadvantages of each artificial lift method are compared and discussed. This course comprises six computer-based training modules, each one representing over an hour and a half of instruction and exercises.


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