Troubleshooting Loss Of Capacity

Troubleshooting Loss Of Capacity


Module Overview

This is the third lesson in the Centrifugal Pump Repair Course. This lesson introduces the components and operating principles of a typical centrifugal pump. Normal operating conditions for the pump are described and guidelines for troubleshooting loss of capacity/loss of head are provided.

Module Objectives

  • Explain how pressure and flow rate are affected by the system in which a pump operates.
  • Recognize and discuss causes of symptoms of loss of capacity/loss of head.
  • Explain what occurs during cavitation.
  • Explain the causes and symptoms of worn components.


This course is designed for all levels of maintenance personnel as well as for the multicraft training needs of process and manufacturing facilities. Participants should be familiar with the basic operation of centrifugal pumps. This course consists of six modules covering excessive leakage, temperature, loss of capacity, disassembly, inspection, and reassembly.


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