This is the eighth lesson in the Oscilloscopes Course. This lesson teaches participants to recognize the various waveform types and how to analyze waveforms.

Module Objectives

  • Identify the following waveforms: sine, square, rectangular, sawtooth, and triangle.
  • Identify a pulse and step signal.
  • Identify a complex waveforms.
  • Explain what factors influence differences between source documentation of signals.


This course contains nine lessons designed for the training of electricians and electronic technicians as well as for the multi-craft training needs of process and manufacturing facilities. These lessons are designed for participants familiar with AC and DC theory, electrical safety, and electrical print reading. A basic understanding of electronic devices and circuits is recommended. The lessons in this course explain and demonstrate the use of both analog and digital oscilloscopes. Participants will learn the controls on each type of oscilloscope, how to use a probe with an oscilloscope, how to set up an oscilloscope, and how to determine various measurements taken with an oscilloscope.


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