Wheatstone Bridge

Wheatstone Bridge


This is the third lesson in the Ammeters, Meggers, and Wheatstone Bridge Course. This lesson explains what a bridge circuit is, the purpose and components of a Wheatstone bridge, and its function.

Module Objectives

  • Define a bridge circuit.
  • Identify the components of a Wheatstone bridge.
  • Define the function of a Wheatstone bridge.


The Ammeters, Meggers and Wheatstone Bridge course is designed for participants familiar with AC/DC theory, electrical safety, and electrical print reading. A basic understanding of electronic devices and circuits is recommended. The course describes megohmmeters, Wheatstone bridges, and clamp-on ammeters. It gives examples of the use of these instruments, identifies their components, and defines their functions. The lessons also describe safety and selection considerations for their use, how to set up the instruments, how to connect them to the systems under test, and how to take and read measurements.


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