Wireline Equipment And Well Intervention

Wireline Equipment And Well Intervention


This module teaches one of the first things that needs to be learned when using a wireline how to properly attach the tools. Also, terms like Quad combo and cable head are introduced and how understanding a “weakpoint” can save not only the tools, but possible financial penalties. Then, two of the most universal wireline hydraulic systems are described, along with the importance of grease pressure. Finally, before a well can be put into production, the important and precise steps that go into making a “Christmas Tree” are explained.



Module Overview

The fifth wireline module teaches operational procedures for running wireline logging devices, including how to attach and check that logging tools are properly attached to the wireline, and operating the winch. Proper understanding of the concept of “weakpoint” can not only save logging tools, but also avoid potential financial penalties. In regards to cased-hole intervention logging, two of the most widely used wireline hydraulic systems are described. Maintaining proper wellhead pressure control, via use of a “Christmas Tree” and a BOP stack, and the importance of maintaining proper grease pressure during wireline intervention are also explained.

Module Objectives

  • Attachment of tools to the wireline
  • Lowering tools into the hole on a wireline
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Well Intervention Equipment


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