Wiring Diagrams

Wiring Diagrams


This is the final lesson in the Electrical Print Reading Course. The lesson presents information how to identify components, equipment, wires and cables on a wiring diagram. It also explains how to relate a wiring diagram to the installed hardware and how to use diagrams for maintenance and troubleshooting problems.

Module Objective

  • Identify components and terminal conventions in a wiring diagram.
  • Identify wiring conventions and interpret bundles in a wiring diagram.
  • Relate the wiring diagram to actual hardware and actual wires.
  • Troubleshoot a circuit using wiring diagram.


This course was designed to provide training for electricians, mechanics, and others, wanting to know more about electrical print reading. The eight lessons in this course present general information about electrical schematics and electrical diagrams showing and explaining how to read and interpret the symbols on an electrical schematics and electrical diagrams.


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