Learning & Development Services

Forward thinking and staying abreast recent developments within the Earth sciences and the practical applications of these innovations is one of the cornerstones of Alfcom Energy.

We believe knowledge evolves when it is shared amonsgt great and inquiring minds. We aim to deliver these lessons in a concise manner.

Our technical training and competency programs cater for professionals with varying levels of experience and also graduates seeking to explore new opportunities in the oil/energy industry.

Our institute is made of a team of highly experienced specialists and we also source locally and internationally for the most competent and experienced training consultants.

Our training facilitators have worked for international exploration and production majors, are practising engineers and geoscientists, are experts in various energy sectors and on average have more than 15 years of experience.

Our regular courses are conducted in standardised centres designed to mimic academic and workplace environments.

Customized courses can also be arranged on request.

Our Training System Includes a Competency Management System and Development Program. This provides measurable results using competency assessment, development planning and implementation, and competency verification.

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